Waxing does not have to be painful; obtain smooth skin
by taking advantages of our waxing services.


Nails | Lotus Nails Day Spa - St Cloud, FL

Lotus Nails Day Spa is the only nail spa in St Cloud, FL that offers you personalized customer service. We consider nails to be more than just a way to...

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Waxing | Lotus Nails Day Spa - St Cloud, FL

Waxing may sound like a painful project, but with the correct techniques and a trustworthy company, it can be a luxurious experience that is well worth...

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NexGen Nails

NexGen Nails | Lotus Nails Day Spa - St Cloud, FL,FL

The crew at Lotus Nails Day Spa is well-known for offering customers in St Cloud, FL a large selection of unique nail choices. We like to give you exactly...

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Welcome To Lotus Nails Day Spa

Lotus Nails Day Spa is a quality nail spa located in St Cloud, FL. We provide a diverse range of nail services to our customers, and we are proud to use our knowledge and expertise in order to help you attain the nail services that you deserve.

For some individuals, nail salons appear to be a pointless indulgence. In a strictly practical sense, they are certainly not necessary for life. Often they appear to exist solely for the sake of pampering vanity.

To us, however, nail grooming is more than just a pastime or a job. We consider it to be an art form, and from a purely pragmatic standpoint, all art is “unnecessary.” That does not make it any less vital to human happiness.

Our nail grooming allows us to express our creativity in a socially productive way, permitting us to form strong bonds and friendships with our cliental. Creativity is important to us, and we want to share our vision with our clients.

We love to get to know our customers personally. You are not just another face to us; you are a friend, and we always take care of our friends.

You are the reason that our business excels, and so we strive to guarantee your satisfaction every day. Our team is devoted to giving you a wide range of services that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We offer quality pedicures, manicures, body waxing, and much more. Our salon is also the only one in the area that provides NexGen nails, and we sell them to our clients for reasonable rates.

Visit a nail spa that cares about your needs! Talk to the team at Lotus Nails Day Spa in St Cloud, FL today!

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