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NexGen Nails

NexGen Nails | Lotus Nails Day Spa - St Cloud, FL

The crew at Lotus Nails Day Spa is well-known for offering customers in St Cloud, FL a large selection of unique nail choices. We like to give you exactly what you desire, and so we work hard to provide you with quality services on a daily basis.

For a long time, acrylic nails were the only option on the nail spa market. While these nails certainly provided length and shine, they also caused some damage, and were not seen as the preferred method of nail care.

This concerned nail specialists, and they started to long for the development of an alternative—a nail technique that offered clients beautiful results with little damage to their nails.

When NexGen nails arrived on the market, they seemed like the perfect answer. Lotus Nails Day Spa adapted this new method of nail care, and began to offer clients a wide array of options.

Our NexGen nails are unique to us; we are the only nail spa in that city that offers this product, and we are eager to share it with all of our customers in the St Cloud, FL community.

Our NexGen nails provide our clients with many advantages. These nails are typically odorless, resilient, and healthy (they can add vitamins to your nails). They are also easy to apply, and they provide a protective coating, reducing potential damage and allowing your nails to grow naturally.

Best of all, NexGen nails look and feel entirely natural, allowing you to go about your day with no hassle. They even make your nails stronger, offering you beauty and durability in a cost-effective manner.

When you consider all the benefits of NexGen nails, it is easy to perceive why they have become a consumer favorite. So why wait? Ask Lotus Nails Day Spa of St Cloud, FL about our NexGen nails!

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